After delay to open overlay not working

Hi Figma community! I have a slight issue.

I’m working on a project that has to have multiple overlays. I have a group that delays then shows an overlay, which automatically closes. That works fine. But when another group shows an overlay after a delay after the other group has finished it doesn’t work. Can someone help? Thank you :grinning::blush:

Hi @ljw, Thank you for reaching out about the After Delay trigger!

With the After Delay trigger, you can use it to perform actions like “Open an Overlay” or “Navigate to” another frame after a certain delay.
If your prototype involves moving to a frame after a delay and then moving to a different frame after another delay, using the “Navigate to” action could be a possible workaround.

I came across a helpful Figma Tip video about using the After Delay trigger. You can check it out here: Figma Tip: Prototyping with “after delay” and “trigger after delay” interactions

I hope this information helps! If there are any additional points I might have missed, please let us know.
Additionally, consider sharing the file/screenshots/videos you’re currently working on with our community. This might make it easier to receive assistance! :blush:

We welcome input from our community, please feel free to jump in and share your insights!


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Hi, and thank you! This really helped, however I can’t use the navigate to feature because it has a transparent and i need it to overlap and show the other items behind it. Hope this doesn’t sound confusing :sob:!!!

Thank you so much for helping! :blush: