After delay overlay stuck in loop

Hi! I’m trying to create a prototype where I click a button which results in the button changing it’s state and then an alert banner overlay appearing at the top. So right now I have it built like this:

  1. UI with a button saying “turn on”
  2. Click button, which changes state to “Request sent”
  3. There is a delay set on the “request sent” variation that has an alert banner overlay appears at the top.

The problem I’m having is that once you close the alert banner overlay, it resets the delay and it appears again and then stuck in the loop every time I close it. Is there any way to make it only trigger once?

Hi Melissa! Please feel free to share a quick screen-recording video and a copy of your file, so the community can try to replicate it here. (It’d help us to visualise it better, too). Thank you!