Advanced Image editing and manipulation features

I would love to see the addition of advanced image editing features to improve visual design workflows within Figma.

Incorporating standard tools such as curves, levels, gradient maps, etc… Allow the effects to be stackable.
It would be a great way to unlock more experimentation within Figma it’s self.

Hi @Jason_Csizmadi2 , thanks for the feedback!

We’ll pass this onto the team for consideration, do not also forget to vote up so we can gauge the overall interest from the community.

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Figma is a powerful design tool that offers many features to help designers create and collaborate on projects. While Figma has a great set of basic image editing features, there is always room for improvement. Here are some advanced image editing features that could be added to Figma:

  1. Layer masks: Layer masks are an essential tool for creating complex designs. They allow designers to hide or reveal parts of an image or layer, making it easier to create complex compositions.
  2. Advanced color correction tools: Figma could benefit from more advanced color correction tools, such as hue/saturation adjustments, color balance, and selective color adjustments.
  3. Image adjustments: Figma could also add image adjustments like levels, curves, and exposure to allow designers to fine-tune their images within the app.
  4. Blending modes: Blending modes are a crucial tool for creating complex designs. They allow designers to blend layers together in various ways, such as overlay, multiply, and screen.
  5. Filters: Filters are another tool that could be added to Figma to enhance images. These could include blur, sharpen, noise reduction, and more.

Overall, adding these advanced image editing features would make Figma an even more powerful tool for designers, allowing them to create more complex and polished designs within the app itself.

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