Adjusting handles disappeared (border radius, several text items)

Hello! I have just started learning Figma, and I noticed that in tutorials there are handles for changing border radius in artspace, as well as for text adjusting.
My Figma is missing these handles, though I tried to look for them in keyboard shortcuts and other view settings. Also, there are no such questions in google at all. I found one in YT, but it hasn’t been answered.

Thank you!

Here are the screenshots:

Handles to change border radius:

P.S. I cannot put more than one screenshot at the moment, so the thing about text handles is when user chooses two texts, it is possible to change location of one with respect to the other (for example change where they are placed precisely).

I am using free version of Figma, if it’s relatable.

Upd! Okay they just appeared. I don’t know why though, but I guess there is no more issue :D.

This is somewhat strange. They are appearing, but sometimes

Border radius control handles appear only for Rectangle, Polygon, Star objects. If you don’t see these handles, it may mean that the object has been flattened or the object is small for the current canvas scale.

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@tank666 thank you! I’ll go through this.