Adding an edit seat *monthly*

I currently have a Professional Plan with 1 editor seat (for myself). I would like to add a second editor seat, but I want to be billed monthly, not annually.
In settings, when I try to add a seat, it only gives me an option to add an annual seat (being billed annually). But I want to be billed monthly.
How do I get this second seat billed monthly set up?
Thank you

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Hi @Manuka ,
There’s nothing explicit you would need to do on your end to add users as monthly editors. As long as you’ve invited the users to your team or to resources (file) within the team as an editor, and their “design role” is listed as “editor” within the members tab they’ll be counted towards monthly billing.

You can check who is billed from the “Members” tab of your team page.
From there, you can set the “Design role” or “FigJam role” filter to “Editors” or “All” to see billed users.


  • you can also downgrade any editor to “Viewer - restricted” on the Design or FigJam to remove that user from billing.
  • a user who is both a Design and FigJam editor will create both a $15 and $5 charge.

Here’s a guide from our Help Center with more information on this: Manage team permissions

This is made purposely hard to prompt people to buy the most expensive plans and it’s incredibly annoying.

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