Adding a new layout grid selection

I’m often creating multiple layout grids in one frame (which is amazing to be possible in Figma).
There’s just one small UX issue, which is when I add a new grid, the settings window remain selected on the old one. This is counter-intuitive because as soon as I add a new grid, I proceed to adjusting the grid settings only to discover that I’ve been doing it to the wrong grid layer.

I would suggest that as soon as a new grid is added, the settings window automatically switches to the most recent grid added. I hope this makes sense and thank you!

Personally I don’t really care how it behaves as long as it is consistent.
It behaves the same way when changing and adding colors on fills and strokes.
Figma breaks consistency when it comes to effects though. Adding effects on top of each other just closes the effect settings window.
@devs please fix.

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