Add tag / label feature

I’m working from Jira like I’m sure a lot of people, or at the very least, a workflow tool like it.

We use epics and labels to organise and easily filter projects and tickets. I’m finding that I want to organise my work in a similar way. Creating a new project is too extreme for this use case. I would prefer to organise my work within a project.

Having the ability to add a label/tag to a file would be really powerful to organise files.

Use case:
We have a Figma project which contains all design work related to a single product stream. We’re working on a major update within that Figma project. I want to assign a label to the files that are part of that major update so myself, product manager and software team can easily see all related files.


More new Jira integrations with Figma would be great! :clap:

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