Add support for telephone number links

Agreed, let’s get it added!

We all need this feature!

I’m kind of shocked this still isn’t possible. mailto has been there for a while… why only support for one type of link?

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After the actions performed, the PDF file does not open :frowning:

+1 Yes please add support for tel URLs…
Figma seems to automatically attach “http://” to it resultung in invalid links.

+1 Need this feature badly =^_^=

For me works like a charm. Thank you so much, @InobMabiki4

Keep commenting until it’s a feature :wink:… need it so much!

guys i found a website where you can ad the tel link very easily. checkout → Easy to use Online PDF editor

This would be a great feature indeed.

I am not entirely sure if this would work, but I have used tiny url to host the tel: link. It might be a work around for the time being. But really hope they add this feature soon!

It looks like it’s working now without problems, just use tel:+########### and then I export it to pdf and share it to my phone, and it works like a charm!

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I only wanted to see if it was possible to link a number on my figma file to whatsapp and this has worked for me so far: Share on WhatsApp**

Would like to have this feature as well.

Please, i’m so new and i didn’t find any anwers from Figma and seen this feature are not implemented yet, is it true or not?I really want it :slight_smile:

Please add.

This is really need…

Please, PleasePlease, PleasePlease, Please add.

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agree - please add