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Add support for RTL languages

I think it’s time to make this happen, makes all of us Hebrew / Arabic speakers work harder with plugins and workarounds just to make it work somehow.

Hope we hear some news soon, will really make a difference for all of us.


Hello there Figma team
This topic is a real pain point for us Hebrew/Arabic speakers.
Working on text in Figma feels arcaic like working on PS many many years ago…



Yes please add support for rtl!

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Please Figam !!
Add RTL supprt.

Really strange that I so no reply from Figma team …
It seams that we are being ignored from some reason

Please Figam !!
Add RTL supprt.

Please add rtl support… some times small works solve big problems… its only important figma weakness that everyone knows

Dear Figma team, be different from Adobe XD – provide proper support. We moved to Figma because Adobe XD team ignores the community. Be those who help the community. Solve problems.


YES Please!
We need native Arabic support in Figma.

Available Arabic plugins are not good enough!

The time couldn’t be more suitable now to support RTL languages

I WILL move to Figma once it’s done!

I really can not understand how figma does not support the RTL even though there is a large community who uses it!

if only thought about (Arabic, Persian, Urdu , Hebrew): we can get a market place for more than 420 + 220 + 100 + 110 = 830 Millions speakers around the world! That’s a target that all of the designers at those languages would like to reach!

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Agreeeeee, I can’t imagine how great the app would be and will make design easily in Arabic for instance

The one feature that makes me want to choose a competitor is RTL support.

Dear Figma Team,

Please do consider this investment

Dear Figma team,
I’ve been trying to tell you this since forever. I’ve contacted multiple key people from your team but got no response.

Please, make this happen.
I will help. Free of charge.

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Yes Please, we need RTL feature

Please be sure to add RTL capability. Thanks

we need RTL feature

I once again stuck with adobe products. They put effort to support RTL, unlike Affinity and XARA also.
I’ll have to stay with adobe again and I HATE it.

Really?! It shouldn’t be that hard for Figma Team to add RTL Support!
Just a simple condition inside their source to reverse the typing.
It’s hard to run a plugin every time we type Arabic or Persian.