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Add support for RTL languages

I wanted to report a problem with the text component
The component works great in all languages, but I noticed that in the Hebrew language (and probably also in the Arabic language) the order of the letters is reversed
This is a well-known problem in the Hebrew language because it needs RTL support
Can you add support for RTL languages?


While this is not added you can take advantage of plugins for this. I’m sure you’re aware, but there are a few that help with this, Arabic & RTL Support being the most installed one.


Actually, this is a real pain point for a big part of the population who speak the RTL languages.
Many companies are waiting with their transition to Figma because of the lack of support for these languages :roll_eyes:

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Thanks, it works great in Hebrew too
But still, Figma needs to solve this problem

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The RTL PLZ plugin would help you, hope Figma adds support for RTL language ASAP.