Add pinch to zoom in and out interactions in prototypes

I think many Figma users will agree that this is gonna be a game-changer. So any update on this @Figma_Moderation @Figma_Team1 ?
Thank you, this will be highly appreciated!

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Zoom needed here too!
I design a feature with a PDF reader UI. In order to have the full UX, I need the user to zoom in and out the slides of the PDF


I went looking for this functionality in Figma today actually, and found this thread instead. Pinch to zoom would be a fantastic enhancement — please add ASAP.


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Totally agree.

@Figma_Moderation Is this getting any visibility? There is clearly interest here but we haven’t heard a thing and this has been up for over a year now…


Hi everyone,
Thank you for your feedback. We will pass this onto our Prototype team for consideration :slight_smile:


Yes please please please

Hi Figma, you’re undoubtedly the most amazing design tech in the industry. But it would leverage your game even further if you could add the pinch zoom-in and zoom-out interaction in your software. It would make testing prototypes with maps much easier.

Definitely a needed feature!!

Would be absolutely amazing to have this! :pray:

Please @Figma_Moderation ! Very much needed for map prototyping :pray:t5: :pray:t5: :pray:t5:

Please bring zoom in and out, key feature to test so many interactions. When doing usability tests is fundamental. :pray:

It would be amazing to have this. Rooting for it!

+1, would love to have this for prototyping!

+1 for this feature, would be extremely helpful.

One use case of Figma for me is showcasing my portfolio. Without pinch to zoom the portfolio is restricted to just desktops which can be quite limiting in the mobile first world we live in

+1 :slight_smile: please

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Surprised so many things are still not there for Figma (which are in Axure)

  • multiple actions
  • zoom in prototype


Yes! This is a need indeed!

:heavy_plus_sign:1 please!