Add pinch to zoom in and out interactions in prototypes

Often when prototyping tools/UIs with canvases, a few fundamental interactions are needed.

  1. Scroll up/down
  2. Scroll left/right
  3. Zoom in/out

Unfortunately, that last zoom in/out one isn’t possible in Figma as far as I can tell. It would be really great to incorporate this type of interaction in the same place that frame scrolling can be specified.

Prototyping use cases:

  1. UIs with Maps (tracking apps, location apps, travel apps, delivery apps, etc)
  2. UIs with creative canvases (illustrator, photoshop, Figma, sketch, etc)
  3. UIs for analysis tools (spatial biology analysis, general sample analysis, etc)
  4. UIs for brainstorming tools (Figjam, Miro, google whiteboard, etc)

This feels like it would be relatively basic to add but what do I know about programing lol. Anyways, would be really awesome and add a new dimension of interactivity to canvas based tools.


This is a much needed feature.


Need zoom!


definitely an essential feature for me. I make gameplay mockup a lot, in many games you can pinch to zoom out/ zoom in the map.


Totally agree! Pinch in/out zoom is extremely important action to prototype! Figma team please make this happen :pray: :pray: :pray:


Yes please Figma, make it happen :pray:

Yes, please!!!

Definately a must. Scroll is already there, we need zoom! Please make it happen.

yes yes yes! Much needed over here, too!

Much needed for game related prototypes/mockups, which is my entire use case. Please add this Figma!

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Yep! I’m here needing this! Please!

It should be the priority task for prototypes

Hi @Figma_Moderation

I want to express support for a pinch to zoom in/out feature as well. A lot of responses in my usability studies asked for this capability. Can you provide any update on if Figma is interested in or working on adding this feature or what the obstacles are? Can you also provide any hacks you know of that could mimic the feature if possible?

Thanks for any insights,


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Definitely! If I could I would put a thousand votes on this. Honestly kinda baffled it isn’t already a feature.

Shouldn’t be more difficult than assigning an area where scroll becomes zoom, to mimic the pinching effect of a phone/touch screen.

Up voted - we need this. I do a lot of prototyping for map based UIs and badly need this.

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Yes, I’d love to see this too!

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Yeah def need gestures and multi touch interactions, currently doing a zoom in / zoom out interaction and it’s impossible to do it with two fingers on the phone. Best I can do is hack it with zones that you can drag to try to simulate the gesture with two fingers.

This should come sooner than later, prototyping desperately need to have the basics of functional prototyping features for the various devices.

Love this idea, I could achieve better prototypes!

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1 year later Jan 2024, still needed. Please add this Figma


this is a must have feature for me!