Add new Interaction Type to catch when user taps OUTSIDE of component

Currently, Interactions work by defining an activation behavior and the subsequent action that the component should take.

For example, you can set a component to catch your Tap, your Hover, Mouse Enter, etc etc, and then perform some sort of animation or reaction as a result.

While designing some interactive inputs, I realized a gap: Tap Outside is not a registered interaction. In essence, I would like to set my component to perform some actions when a user taps inside of them AND outside of them.

Example scenario:

  • On Tap: My component gets a blue stroke around it and a blue glow.
  • On Tap Outside: My component loses the blue stroke and blue glow.

This would help to bring to life components which represent interactive objects like components, buttons, and largely other forms…but only when a tap is registered outside the component. A mouse exit simply won’t do.

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