Add conditions to boolean properties

I’m building out a component library and it occurred to me that having the ability to add conditions to Boolean properties would be very helpful in reducing the number of instances needed.

I have an input field that can have many Boolean elements such as right icons, prefixes, suffixes, character counters, helper text, etc.

Realistically, some of these properties cannot exist together at the same time, such as a right icon (like a dropdown icon) and a suffix or character counter. If a user was able to enter conditions on a Boolean element such as:

if set to “True”, set [“Boolean property name”, “Boolean property name”] to “False”
example for “has RightIcon” Boolean property: if set to “True”, set [“has Prefix”, “has CharacterCounter”] to “False”
(excuse the syntax errors if any. I’m no programmer)

Obviously, this could be flexible to automatically enable or disable other properties if a certain Boolean property is set to True or False.