Add auto layout to Sections

There are times when having sections free of constraints is nice… but my design team has become addicted to using auto layout with frames. In many cases when using sections, it would be amazing to perfectly space the inner sections out using auto layout.


definitely agree! It would also be amazing if the autolayout could inherit both the horizontal AND vertical spacing.

Autolayout is constraint to just horizontal or vertical spacing, and that make sense because it follows the css specs but the Sections feature could break this rule to make it easier to organize both rows and columns at once.

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We really need this ASAP


Definitely worth! +1


I’d settle for a wrapping in auto layout — a feature that CSS definitely has.


I would love this, but what I might find even more interesting to explore is having auto-padding.

Let me explain
Sections are great to group categories together and freely moving artboards around within them allows me to make easy-to-navigate prototype flows. But I am constantly resizing the sections I create.

Putting them in auto-layout would mess up how I visualize prototype flows, so what could be a nice alternative is automatically resizing the artboard based on its contents and predefined padding. This would allow for messy flows while maintaining clean structures.


Agreed, that would be a fantastic addition to Sections!

I need this feature!