Add a "While focused" interaction

Like the “While hovering” and “While pressing” interactions, there should be a “While focused” interaction that responds to user focus in prototypes. Would be very useful when prototyping components that have focus states, like buttons or inputs.

Right now, I’m using the “Key/Gamepad” interaction to capture a tab press, but this is clunky and a bit of a mess/not viable if you have many elements that can receive focus in your mock. I would expect a way to hit tab to cycle through each interactive component in the current prototype screen. Then I would expect a spacebar press to trigger the “While pressed” interaction.

Also, I’d love to see more ways to prototype accessible interactions in general, for my own testing and for user testing with people who have need of these interactions.


I was looking for a way to accomplish that as well. On my side I tried to make a Tile that On focus get a different border. The key/gamepad is useful but not when you have multiple Tiles because in reality the user will only have one Tile On focus at a time in a browser.

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Yes, Key/Gamepad would not work as a component interaction, but you could do what we used to do before component interactions existed (duplicate your entire mock, alter the state of each one to show a different focused component, and apply Key/Gamepad to each screen to cycle between them). Definitely tedious.

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