Add a shortcut to quick insert a frame into a selected frame

At the moment, you can select the frame tool and click in a frame and it’ll add a frame, but when frames are nested and not easily selectable with the frame tool, it would be advantageous to be able to quick insert a frame into a selected frame on your artboard or in the layers panel

One way of resolving this could be to add it to the right click menu or into Object on the main menu, similar to “Frame selection” option


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I’ve never run into a case where this was an issue myself, but in any case this would be a bit more tricky than just giving you the option.

  • Where inside the frame should the frame appear?
  • What size should it be?

The answers I imagine would differ on the size of the parent frame and the space the siblings occupy. Which would not be consistent.

I think you’d need to argue the why and how to solve those issues before this suggestion be taken into consideration.

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I guess it depends on your approach, but my idea is similar to what adobe has been doing with their layers menu. In Photoshop you can select a group and add a layer to it and you can select a layer and quickly add another layer above it right in the layer’s panel. This idea is more about extending the functionality, it would function the same way as the frame tool functions when adding a frame, but allow for more accuracy which is helpful if you’re not building an item from scratch, taking over a project or just adding in more details. At the moment, if you’re wanting to be accurate, as far as I’m aware, you have to create that item first, cut it, go into your nested layer and paste it - if you can give me a different work flow, I’d appreciate it.


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