Accordion Instance does not take changes made into prototype?

Hi Fig Forum Members,

So I have created one accordion into a Figma design file using components (intent to change the info of each accordion while closed and open) and give open and close toggle animation using a prototype.

Accordion Contents Changeable Title, Graphics/Image, And Paragraph.

Now, I have put the respective content to 3 accordions and made changes to the image/graphics using the simple variant property, now I’m getting a problem with the prototype view, where the prototype not taking graphics/image changes but the Title and Paragraph changed while closing and opening the accordion.

Forum members, please help me out why is this happening?

Here’s Demo File for the same issue, I have created 2 artboards to show the same accordion one is closed and the other is opened, and as you can see in the file all the accordions have different fills, but in the prototype, it is only showing the first color in all 3 accordions.

I’m having the exact same issue, hoping for a fix!