Accessible prototyping testing and navigation flow

On testing the accessible prototype, a bug has emerged which complicates the possibility of carrying out accessibility tests with keyboard users.

Basically while the users navigate (with screen reader as a VoiceOver from Mac or JAWS from windows) with tab (for interactive component as a buttons) or arrows (for simple text) keyboard buttons, the page doesnt work correctly cause by not scrolling with the focus order.

Navigation has brought focus out of the correct page flow making it impossible to read the information on the page. The result has been a uncorrect test.

Anyone have found same issue? There are any workaround to resolve temporarily?

I hope Figma development will be able to solve it as soon as possible. User test on a prototype are a big opportunity for UX Designer and development team

Hey @Andrew_Ru, thanks for flagging this!

This is definitely a bug. We’ve sent this over to our team to investigate and work on a fix.

Hi @dvaliao thank you for your respond. I hope that the problem will be solved quickly because it represents a great impediment for doing a user test with disabled users. Figma and accessibility prototyping is a big opportunity for us designers.

Hey @Andrew_Ru, thanks for your patience while our team investigated!

They have not been able to validate this as a regression, but we agree that it’s behaving oddly.

While it does appear to scroll properly, sometimes the hitboxes don’t actually match the location of the button.

Are you able to share a screen recording of what you’re seeing on your end, so our team can compare?