Access to copy and paste data

It would be awesome if we could get access to copy and paste data in the Plugin API. We’re looking at creating a product which allows users export from our site to Figma (ideally through the clipboard) and the current ways of doing that involve some gnarly scripting I’d rather avoid.

If there’s another solution that would be awesome too!

To be more specific the endpoint would be used like
let copyData = figma.selection[0].copyData so we could copy that into users clipboards on our site.


Hi there! Thank you for your feedback.
Do not also forget to vote it, it will help us to gauge the overall interest in the community!

I want this feature,


refer to Clipboard API - Web APIs | MDN

add a figma api

// read

// write

my case

I developed a plugin, want to convert a image to base64, and automatically write to clipboard

currently it is impossible, I can only write base64 text to a text node, and require my user to manually copy text

my plugin Pwireframe | Figma Community


hi is there any solution for this now?

I’ve not seen a solution. i saw this site Component Explorer that does it. still looking for solutions.

Yes i need that too

Does anyone manage how to do the copy + paste to Figma as a frame with text, etc…