Accept library updates per page

It would be very helpful if we could accept library updates per page, so that we can exclude some pages from being updated (ready for dev) while accepting the updates for other pages (design WIP pages).

In our Figma files we have separate pages ‘Ready for dev’ to which no changes should be made after handoff. But we want to continue designing on other pages in the same file (working on new iterations), so we want to be able to accept component updates from the library. But these updates are automatically applied to every page in the file, which means the ‘Ready for dev’ designs are also modified and sometimes even break.

I do not want to have to make a separate file for every time I hand over a design, because I want to keep all designs for a specific feature together in 1 file.

A solution would be to be able to accept library updates for specific pages rather than all pages. What do you think about this?

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I also had this wish at first, but it is now also in Figma. Now if I want to do an update. The model contains tabs with current page and all pages. With current page as default option. This is what I see:

True @vdekkernl, but when you press ‘Update’ or ‘Update all’ in that window, it still updates the instances on all pages, not just the current page. So it doesn’t help for my use case. (I just tried it out to be sure.)

What you can do in the Updates window is press an individual component to see the changes for every single instance in your file. You can then update only the instances you want to update by pressing ‘Update instance’. But this is a lot of work if you want to update everything except the instances on a specific page:


Accepting Library Update is a key point in the health of a Design System, and yet we feel that it’s left as it is.

Today, only being able to accept updates on the whole file slows down the acceptance of updates by users, because it can change the design under development for example on others pages.

An idea: improve Library Updates modal, both in terms of functionality and UX.

When I select the “Current page” Tab and then the “Update all” button, I want updates to be applied only to the Current page. Obviously the button should be renamed like “Update in the current page".

Hello @Nicolas_Chatelain, Thank you for sharing your thoughts about Library Updates modal! I noticed another community member requesting something similar over here, so I combined your post to gather all the feedback in one location.

I believe your idea could be valuable for other community members! We are excited to see how other members in the community will react to it.
Please feel free to vote up!

Thank you!


What is the actual point of giving users a chance to click All Pages or Current Pages if clicking Current applies the changes to All?

This feels like a glitch rather than an improved suggestion. If you click Update Current it should, you know, Update Current, not all.

So I’m pretty confused.

@Junko3 See above, please!

Hi @Kevin_Zazzali, Thank you for bringing this to our attention! I see why you’re feeling puzzled.

Currently, as described in Review and accept library updates Help Center article, when the [Current page] tab is selected in the [Update] tab, the [Update all] button will only update the assets listed on the Current page tab.
I also tested this on my end and experienced the same behavior as outlined in the article.

If you find that assets from other pages are being updated when you click [Update all] in the [Current page] tab, could you kindly provide a quick video recording or screenshots of the issue? It would be beneficial to have the entire Figma screen visible, including the left and right panels displaying the properties and layers.
This additional information will help us gain a better understanding of the problem and see if we can replicate the same behavior.

I look forward to hearing from you soon! Please don’t hesitate to let us know if there’s anything else I might have missed.


@Junko3 yes it will only update those assets that are used on the current page, but it will update those assets everywhere in the file (also on other pages)! That is what this post is about. I would like to be able to update all assets only on a single page without updating the (same) assets on other pages.

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@Junko3 what @Anne13 is experiencing is exactly what I’m experiencing.

So, your statement “the [Update all] button will only update the assets listed on the Current page tab,” is NOT accurate.

@Kevin_Zazzali no, it’s correct what @Junko3 says, it’s just not the issue we are talking about.

For example if you are using the asset coolComponent on page 2, but this asset is not used on page 1, the coolComponent on page 2 won’t be updated if you press ‘Update all’ on page 1. That’s what Junko is saying. But if you are using the asset awesomeComponent on page 1 and 2, and you press ‘Update all’ on page 1, it also updates awesomeComponent on page 2. That is the issue we are experiencing.

Hopefully that clears up the misunderstanding.

@Anne13 Unfortunately it does not. I appreciate you trying to clarify but I’ve reread the article.

Something’s off somewhere on Figma’s end. It’s either a glitch or a misalignment on their end between what the feature is doing and what they THINK it’s doing.

@Junko3 @Anne13 I just confirmed with Figma support directly that what we’re describing, Anne, should NOT be happening. I would get in touch with someone who can escalate this for you.

Hello @Anne13, Thank you for clarifying and I apologize for the misunderstanding of the issue.
Also, I completely understand that it can be a bit confusing when selecting “Update all” in the “Current page” tab results in updating instances of the asset on other pages as well.

For the visibility, I see the case of @Kevin_Zazzali on our backend about this, and we are currently investigating this further.

Thank you for your help and cooperation!

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Thanks a lot for your replies and for passing this on to the team.

I have also heard from designers at other companies that branching (which is part of the Organization plan, we don’t have that) could offer a solution to my issue of freezing “ready for dev” files while still being able to work on and accept updates for other parts of the same file… something to look into.

Hello there! I just want to share key points from support with the community for visibility.

Currently, the functionality you are experiencing when selecting “Update All” while viewing the Current Page tab from the update modal is expected. It will update all instances across all pages of the file.

We understand that our help center article may have caused some confusion, and we have revised it to better align with the intended functionality.

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback on this feature. While we can’t make any promises, our product team is already aware of this!

We truly appreciate your input!

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