Absolute positioning not editable without detaching

From the top of my head just now.
created this component with a Frame inside it with absolute positioning for children.
I have variants for positioning child elements BUT on some elements/cases it’s too much of a constraint.
Say I have a logo over a picture and 3 positions (top, bottom, middle) but the picture below is difficult to crop or frame so that the logo’s not in the middle of the face of that beautiful guy/girl… I need to adjust a few pixels up or down …

aaargh I have to detach!

Or I have this Frame with two pics, one top right small, the other wide left below it, if I want to reverse positions, I need to build a variant at the time.

How come editing an absolute position within a frame requires breaking the instance?
Sounds absurd. Should x/y absolute position be a sub-component parameter?


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