Ability to mirror frame content without creating a component

Sometimes when creating a mockup of a screen with a modal or overlay, I’ll use content from another frame as the base. However if that other frame is updated, I then have to update it under the overlay. It’d be great if you could “mirror” content from another frame in Figma without having to create a component.

Out of curiosity, why making a component isn’t an option for you? They are there for that exact reason, to avoid unnecessary duplication.

Couple reasons:

  • Once a frame is made a component, it changes the way you select and interact with elements inside of it. I’m not able to click and drag to grab multiple elements, I have to double click to select anything, etc.
  • I don’t want it added to my assets.
  • I’ve also sometimes into issues where frames set as components don’t act the same way in a prototype as other non component frames.

Personally I made components from each screen I made. One screen - one component, because I will reuse it multiple times to illustrate different things. Whenever I need to move stuff I do it once in a master component and everything is up to date. That’s a mirroring, maybe the way isn’t exactly adobe way we all know, but still it’s a thing that works for me and many other designers.

Also it’s very beneficial when you work on app family. It’s a pure joy to be able to introduce new business flows made of multiple app screens that are not the same application