Ability to create custom frame sizes and prototype devices

I work for both desktop and mobile screens and I would like to save custom frame sizes and have them under a custom category. basic desktop sizes like 1366x768 is not available in the presets and the desktop category only has Mac screen devices as options.


Agreed! Having only Mac screen sizes is an incredibly privileged and myopic view of technology. Either add more sizes (like a Chromebook 1366x768) or allow us to save our own presets.


Of course I’m agree :slight_smile: I’m suprised we are only 3 ?


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I use Figma to create prototypes for custom devices like smartwatches.

Our screens can be many different sizes and shapes - so I would like to be able to save, name, and favorite some of our most common screen dimensions, and not see all of the other available frame defaults that I will almost never use.

It would be huge to also be able to customize device shells for prototypes as well. If I could upload a device shell as a .png, and define available interactions for the screen type - including any physical buttons - that would be amazing!

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It really frustrates me that there is a huge list of every iPhone, but just some ugly 2013 generic “phone” for Android.
I understand it isn’t viable for them to create a frame of every device available, bit for a tool that is literally build for designing things you’d think they would let us add our own.

Having the option to choose a component as a frame would be good.

Often I will just create the device frame myself and the use that, however, it doesn’t work very well with prototypes as animations can get a bit weird, overlay backgrounds cover the device and slide-in animations slide over the device and not behind it.

I design for custom hardware, so I have unique device sizes etc.
Add to that, the majority of phone users don’t have iPhones…

To add to this, being able to choose a component to be a frame could also allow variants to be included, some of the devices I design for include lights that change colour depending on various things.

Or maybe have physical buttons, having the ability to make the frame part of the interaction would be great

My organization has a series of set breakpoints we use to design for. Being able to preset these as part of our design system would be extremely helpful in saving us time having to refer to a reference list.

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It would be great if we could save different device frames. This would save much time as I currently design for a number of specific screen sizes that I have to manually add every time.

This is something that I have been wanting since I started using Figma over 3 years ago. I came to Figma from Sketch mainly because it was free and easier to use. One of the Sketch features that I miss most is the ability to save custom frame size presets.

I used this feature to save presets for different social media asset sizes as well as device and web sizes that were not already saved in Sketch (or Figma in this case). This feature is important enough to me that I am considering switching to a design software that offers this feature.

I can’t understand why that is not an option. Simple but useful functionality.

It would be a much useful feature!

Right now, we have the possibility to add frames from the categories:

  • Phone
  • Tablet
  • Desktop
  • Presentation
  • Watch
  • Paper
  • Social media
  • Figma Community
  • Archive

However, how nice would it be if we could create our own template? Not everyone works with those standard sizes, so why do we have to edit the screen size every time we want to add a new frame in the correct size (or duplicate existing ones)?


That’s interesting, would like to add them as “components” just to be seen on the right tree or would you also like to have a nice prototype view (with the device skeleton as we have for the existing ones)?

Also going to upvote this. I work on medical devices often with very unique screen sizes and bezels - e.g. blood glucose meters or ventilators etc.

It would be great if I could create a component and specify a frame (that I set to the correct screen dimensions) inside the component that is the screen.

Amen! Amen!! I’ve been needing this. When will we get this?

Hi community, I have a question.

Is it possible to add your own custom frame in the Frame list selection?