A "Scroll to" button doesn't do anything, it's like if i were dragging

That happens to one of my students and I didn’t undertood why and now a file that was working just fine doesn’t. I can’t find the problem, is there anything about config or so that i could have change about the file or is it a bug?

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My “scroll to” prototyping isn’t working either, which is what brought me to these forums after trying a multitude of different things. I’m glad it’s happening to others and it’s not just me.

Hi there, thank you for reporting this to us. I have raised this with our engineering team and they are investigating further.

Me too it doesn’t work … I hope it will be fix soon

Having the same, or similar, issue. I have prototypes with multiple screens arranged in auto layouts and the click interactions for “scroll to” don’t work anymore. I did some testing and I can get click interactions working but I have to un-group until the screens are directly on the canvas with no wrapping frames. Setting the flow starting point on the first screen itself and redoing all of the connections allows it to work again. Not sure what changed but this was all working fine earlier last week.

It has been a couple of months since the OP first posed this question. I was just wondering if there is an update on this investigation? I’m following the Figma tutorial video “back to top interaction” step by step, and it is not working for me either. Thank you.

Scroll to function isn’t working for me either. Is there any update to this getting fixed?