Boolean properties are reset when updating the master component

I’m working on a product with 1000+ frames scattered across different files, all pulling from the same master component library. Some of our complex components have multiple properties — booleans, instance swaps, etc — and a few overrides, following Ridd’s guidelines on .base components.

I recently tried to push a benign update to one of these master components (i.e. changing the name of one layer), then published the library update, only to discover (horrified) that all the component properties in child instances were reset: some booleans were reset to their initial state, some instances swaps were reverted to the original one.

Some instances though were able to keep their overrides an properties, which I don’t understand. Any idea what could’ve gone wrong here?

After searching more, it seems my problem is similar to these ones:

Except the fix provided in there does not work.

Any updates on this from support? When I update my master component (in another file) it’s overriding the instances for my radio/checkbox components.

Yup, they answered that this was a known issue and that they fixed it end of last week. Seems to be working fine on my side now. Are you still having issues at this date?

Having this same issue, oddly enough it only happens in 1 file, most others update fine.
Ive tried this methods here and still have the issue on 1 file.

Hey! Still having the issue myself. It’s really hard to work with documenting UI this way. I am show-casing the same component several times, so every time there is an update, I have to go update all the instances I’ve inserted previously. Please fix it.