A better view for swapping libraries

Currently the UI for swapping libraries is a popup box which shows the matches between old library components and the new ones (see below). It has the bare necessities but it can be improved for larger design systems.

The current user problems are:

  1. Users can’t enlarge the pop up window so users have to scroll down forever. For example I have 55 components and 76 styles, the scrollbar is about 8% of my scrollable area meaning I have to scroll ALOT :frowning:

  2. Users can’t copy and paste or export the list of diffs. This is important so users can record what is unmatched from the new/old library.

Additional nice to haves:

  1. Allow users to right click and go to the component in the new or old library so they can diagnose the mismatch. Without this, the current workflow is to have the old and the new library windows side by side and have the “Swap library” popup open to see the difference, find the difference in the old library and then in the new library to fix the problem.

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When it says “None found”, it would be amazing to be able to select a component manually to swap over.

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