Zoom to Selection automatically upon selection

When an item is selected and I zoom in…
Can we zoom into that specific selected item… like adobe illustrator?

right now it just randomly zooms into the center and I have spend tome scrolling around looking for the item I was trying to zoom into.


You can use the “Zoom to Selection” in the Menu ⟩ View. Shortcut: Shift + 2.


thank you!

Question… Why make me think and force a keyboard short cut? Why not make it more intuitive and make it the default behavior if an item is selected?


Thank you! This has been driving me mad.

Yeah I wish this was a setting like in Sketch. you can turn on ‘zoom to selection,’ so you don’t have to do a separate zoom action than normal. Figma has a bad habit of this: Relying on unnecessary short keys and design decisions that don’t make sense over simpler ones.

Thanks for sharing the idea. I shortened the title a bit to make this more clear

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There is already an option to enable this behaviour. It’s in Figma’s menu > Preferences > Keyboard zooms into selection :slight_smile:


Nice! This seems like a recent addition. Definitely wasn’t there before. I wish Figma gave release notes on every update.

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thank you for sharing. =o)

I am still kind of wondering why figma makes people think about this and hides it under drop downs verse making it a default


For me this is opacity %20

So press 2 without the Shift key.

You can zoom to the item in the layers panel by double clicking the layer icon when selecting it.


Thanks, indeed it should be by default (hopefully in the future) :blush: Thank you @Victor_Ribas


I do a lot of design work on Figma and find myself doing large overall design, then fixing details. I love the feature in InDesign where the magnifying glass centers on the selected item so you don’t have to scroll around and look for it when you magnify.

In this case the accepted answer in this thread will help you.