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Zoom to Selection automatically upon selection

When an item is selected and I zoom in…
Can we zoom into that specific selected item… like adobe illustrator?

right now it just randomly zooms into the center and I have spend tome scrolling around looking for the item I was trying to zoom into.

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You can use the “Zoom to Selection” in the Menu ⟩ View. Shortcut: Shift + 2.

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thank you!

Question… Why make me think and force a keyboard short cut? Why not make it more intuitive and make it the default behavior if an item is selected?

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Thank you! This has been driving me mad.

Yeah I wish this was a setting like in Sketch. you can turn on ‘zoom to selection,’ so you don’t have to do a separate zoom action than normal. Figma has a bad habit of this: Relying on unnecessary short keys and design decisions that don’t make sense over simpler ones.

Thanks for sharing the idea. I shortened the title a bit to make this more clear

There is already an option to enable this behaviour. It’s in Figma’s menu > Preferences > Keyboard zooms into selection :slight_smile:


Nice! This seems like a recent addition. Definitely wasn’t there before. I wish Figma gave release notes on every update.

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thank you for sharing. =o)

I am still kind of wondering why figma makes people think about this and hides it under drop downs verse making it a default


For me this is opacity %20

So press 2 without the Shift key.

You can zoom to the item in the layers panel by double clicking the layer icon when selecting it.