Zoom problem and a solution

Hi all,
Recently I’ve been spending a huge amount of time to modify a file. To do that I have to use Zoom-in Zoom-out tool millions of times naturally and some 3rd party plugins like bookmarking etc.
But my main problem is about “Zooming”.

What would you think about this:
While holding down the Z key, left-clicking the mouse, moving the mouse cursor (back and forth or left and right) at the point where the mouse cursor was clicked, the Zoom In and Zoom Out functions should work. (I think PS has this I’m not sure and Cinema 4D also has this and it gives very useful feedback to us)

Currently, by getting support from some plugins I try to use current interactions as efficient as possible, but this is very tiring.

Especially in large pages, we want to zoom in and out very quickly to a spot (and you know that those spots are not 5 or 10. We do this for so many spots on our canvases). But current interaction solutions make this process harder than normal.

Thank you

Have you tried holding the command key and scrolling up/down?
I think it does what you’re describing.

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