Zoom on hover, animation skipping frames


I’m trying to animate a card that pops up on hover. However, if you look at the corners you can see it somewhat fades out and appears as the bigger one a few frames into the animation, same thing when going back to the normal state.

Apologies for wrong formatting, new to Figma and the forums!

Video: https://i.imgur.com/Hedvk9s.mp4

Hey @Neron! Don’t worry about any formatting issues :smiley: Accept my early apologies if I misunderstood your issue.

I think I see what you mean – is it moreso that the hover animation delays/stays large when you move the cursor outside of the area?

Hi, thanks for replying! :smile:

So yes, what you noticed does happen as well(Which I think i could fix by just adjusting the component’s bounding box); however my biggest issue is that the animation is not a “constant growth” to the second variant’s size; instead it does this “constant growth” frame by frame until the end, it does it for a few frames at the start of the animation then skip to the final size instead of growing into it.

It’s a very small, few frames issues but i was wondering if there was a workaround or if perhaps I messed up in my prototyping. :sweat_smile:

Let me check with our support team to see if they have suggestions - will check back again soon!

Update for you @Neron – I showed support your recording, and they think it does look like there is something buggy going on with the animation. I’m going to DM you for next steps!

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