Wrong display of Font Awesome 6 icons (text instead)

I have a display problem on the icons from Font Awesome 6:
Instead of displaying the icons, the names of the codes of each one are displayed

I can temporarily fix the problem using the quick actions:

  • Select all with the same font
  • Recompute text layout in selection
    But randomly the problem occurs again.

What other things have I tried?

  • Test with a partner to recompute the text to see if it fixed it for both of us at the same time to rule out that it is a local or cache problem.
  • It is not tied to anything specific to windows or macos as it happens on both.
  • We tried uninstalling the font and installing it again.
  • When the characters are changed, it does not happen in the whole file, but in some sections (That section conflicts with the display all at once), which leads me to suspect that it may be a user with a font with a sub different version but I can’t verify it (since Figma does not communicate any error related to this).

@Gaston_Siegel Are you currently running this particular file when you hit issues?

If not, can you link the resource file you’re using from the community?

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Hi Knishida, I´m just using a local font on the component, without the plugin.

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Hi, I’m having the same issue so here are a few more notes:

  • It appeared a week or so ago even though I had made no changes with my fonts or files.
  • I had our admin install the font files as team fonts but that did not solve the issue.
  • FontAwesome has free and paid pro versions. It does not affect all of the fonts: FontAwesome 5 and FontAwesome 6 free work as expected. FontAwesome 6 Pro, Brands, and DuoTone do not work.

Update: I just had the same problem but inside a FigJam file, and the quick actions are not the same as in Figma so I can´t fix it, I need to re-import all again.


When I click your link it sends me to a file that opens in Figma but i do not see a plugin. What am I doing wrong?

@Nikolas_Smith Sorry, this is my bad – to clarify, this is a community file with the FontAwesome icons and not a plugin.

Just an update for everyone: I’m waiting on additional info from others on my end internally. I’ll update once I have more details.


Update: it looks like this may be a bug with text layouts – I filed a ticket to have this looked at internally by our engineering team, but I don’t have details on when this would be investigated.

I will leave this topic open for others to report if they run into the same issue (to collect the feedback and relay it internally on my end). If you notice any other behaviors that seem off, feel free to reply here again.


I encountered a similar issue; however, I was able to resolve it after performing six system reboots. So, reboot your Figma!


Thanks for the info Junhee!, but sadly on my case we are an organization with at least 20 users using the file, and even if I already made the reboot on my end, other users are triggering the same error and I need to make the manual fix again (the one of the quick actions mentioned abobe) for each one. Each person who have this problem will change the file for the rest of us.

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