Wrap elements in Auto Layout to multiple lines

+2 - we need this

+1 When releasing this feature I will use it day one! :clap:

+1 This! Thank you.

+3 Our team at Duffel needs this too! :pray:



This is so needed…


+1 - This would SO useful for most all our projects!!

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We need this feature before the Managers of Adobe take over. :see_no_evil:


+1 for this feature. I think at some point soon it will be easier to do it in Webflow than in Figma. Webflow basically looks like Figma already, but it’s a real website.

Webflow was terrible at listening to their users, lots of highly voted features went ignored for years. The mood was shifting, people were getting bitter. They finally realised and turned the ship around. Please, Figma, don’t do that to us. And now with Adobe taking over… I’m worried.

+++ We need this basic feature of flexbox :pray:

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