Wrap elements in Auto Layout to multiple lines

A must have feature to bridge the gap between designers and developers even further.

I too really could use this feature.

+1 yes please :nerd_face:

This can also be done in CSS with display: inline-block or float: left

as I see it, Figma’s role is to anticipate CSS. It can also be wishful, but ultimately it should be pragmatic and let designers point developers to basic CSS features like wrapping blocks to multiple lines. Is Figma a CSS interface, and if not, why not? Couldn’t it be built as a UX oriented interface on top of something like Chrome? Surely that would make adding features such as this a breeze (not to mention the benefits of aria controls for accessibility), compared to having to reinvent the wheel every time, or am I missing something?

I only spent about 2 days with Figma and ran into this missing feature.
I can only put out my vote to implement this feature as soon as possible.

Thank you


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I do believe that Figma should match HTML 100%, the way that Webflow does, by fully supporting CSS grid + Flexbox functionality, at least two reasons:

  1. CSS Grid/Flexbox properties have been designed with maximum layout flexibility in mind, and they’ve been a god-sent since then.
  2. This would further reduce the gap between design and front-end development.

That said, I imagine this may not be an easy challenge for the Figma enginnering team. In a Nov 2020 post, they explain that autolayout was inspired by Flexbox, but after some testing, they decided to chose a compromise between a perfect match with Flexbox, and making it easy for people to use.