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Wrap elements in Auto Layout to multiple lines

I also support this idea and I am hoping that this is going to be implemented very soon or at least we will get an additional informations is it planned and for when

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Yes please! Very much want this.

Adding more noise. We want it Figma!

Someone on r/FigmaDesign created another neat concept for how this might work: link.
I love the idea of applying the β€˜Grid’ concept to Auto Layout. This would remove SO MANY redundant layers when one needs to go Horizontal + Vertical, which obviously happens quite a bit.

Ping Figma devs - comon we all need this!


+1 please :slight_smile:

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Would be amazing to have. It would be nice to create a grid with rectangles and have it auto-wrap depending on what rectangles you hide or unhide.

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Our team really need this.


This feature would be a game-changer :fire::fire:

I vote for this as well. Lack of this feature is top reasons for our figma users resorting to all kinds of undesirable workarounds.