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Wireframing in FigJam w/ component libraries

So i was playing around with figjam yesterday (LOVE THE CAT STICKERS) bc I thought it might be a good place to do collaborative wireframes w/ my team (full-fledged figma still feels daunting to some folks) and i tried some wireframing libraries like Figma - Lo-fi Wireframe Kit | A robust library of over 100 wireframing components that helps you explore ...

I noticed you can import these libraries as stickers, but the components don’t scale nicely w/ layout rules. it just scales uniformly… (which I guess makes sense since they are not vectors)

I have been using Miro as “Figma lite” for wireframing with my team b/c its so easy to learn. But it is slow and laggy once you get too many wires on the board. It would be amazing to build wireframes directly in Figjam because it feels so blazingly fast - like the rest of Figma!