Windows - issue with the system theme

Not sure if it’s the same issue here but since today I’m having the same issue; I’ve had the theme set to “system theme” and started it up today with all white theme but a dark top menu bar (and accordingly dark menus; see screenshot:

I’ve tried clearing the cache and also switching between the dark, light and system theme with closing and opening the app in-between to no avail.

Also, what I found was that since today I belive the tabs look different for me I believe? This is how they looked before (here in dark mode):

So might be connected in this case; some form of update breaking this? :thinking:

Hey @Tascha – I split your message away from the original topic that you commented on, because it could be a separate issue. I’m going to file a bug ticket to have it looked at – can you give me some details?

Do you recall the exact date that you noticed this? You haven’t noticed any other changes that are similar in different apps, right?

What version of Windows are you currently running?

If you can, could you try installing the beta app and seeing if the theme issue travels to there? See here:

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Hi @ksn ;

  • it started just today (so 09.07.2024); together with the new tabs that I noticed
  • using windows 10 Version 10.0.19045 Build 19045
  • installed the beta version - happens there too :disappointed_relieved: (also tried switching the themes, and restarting the app)

ack - okay! I’ll get a bug ticket going, and will update you when I get more info.

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@Tascha update: this isn’t just you. It’s being investigated now – I think a fix should be going out soon.

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Hey @Tascha, I am taking over this case for @ksn.

I’ve checked internally and this seems to be fixed now. Could you please check if you’re still experiencing this issue? I’d recommend to Force-quit the Figma Desktop app and restart it.

Hi @Gayani_S - it’s still present on my desktop version sadly.
I killed Figma with the task manager and opened again but it’s the same as before.