Why limit to 3 new projects in Figma?

I updated Figma as usual, and after years of work and using an unlimited number of pages, I now have to pay for such a banality?

Now, there is a limit of 3 free pages, then the flesh is money.

As a person who abandoned Adobe, Avocode, Zeplin, and chose Figma, this is a slap right in my face. I couldn’t even send my thoughts on this matter to technical support, they said that there was a sending error, that is, even the support doesn’t work, everything is so bad for the company.

I think a lot of people will support Figma making money on subscriptions and doing cool things for this subscription, but making a subscription to limit the user’s freedom, which they laid down at the very beginning of their company, is strange.

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I feel like this is the cost of Adobe buying out Figma. I know I wouldn’t have been able to jumpstart my UX career without being able to build my portfolio with designs for my volunteer gigs without the ability to use Figma for free. Be sure to thank the new overlords for their marvelous contributions. And yay, corporate greed. :frowning:

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Only in teams. You have unlimited pages and files in your Drafts (and all other features are free too). The only limitation is you can’t share drafts to edit together with others. Basically multiplayer is paid if you need more than 3 pages and 3 files in a team.

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Thank you! I figured it out, but there is a difference there. How to delete a post? I can’t find it anywhere, I want to delete it.

What’s on the internet stays on the internet forever… You can’t delete it. :smiling_imp:

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Oh yeah! :sunglasses: