Why it doesn't align in the center properly?

When I Align horizontal centers + Align vertical centers 2 shapes together it is not centered at all. Is there something I can do to solve it ? I just started on Figma so I could miss something in the settings…Thank you to take time to reply.

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Hello! The problem here is that the red circle has 10px diameter and and the outside circle 17px diameter. If you make the outside circle 18px you could align the 2 shapes just fine. This happens when working with few pixel shapes. If you increase those 2 shapes proportionally and you try to align them you’ll see that this error becomes unnoticeable and it seems as the’re perfectly aligned.

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Thank you for your reply and let me know the solution :blush: I’m surprise how figma is none precise about those details even tho they have so many amazing features…I guess have to get used to work aproximatively then haha
Thank you anyways, really appreciate that you took time to answer :grinning:

Turn off “Snap to pixel grid” and align your objects.


@Anthony17 that’s the right answer to your problem!

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Thank you very much ! I’m happy to know there was a setting for that haha. Thank you again to share the solution :grinning: