Why is exported for print file size way too big?

I am setting up a New Figma File to be output for High-Res print (300dpi). I am using a 13"x19" paper stock so I create my initial frame with the dimensions 3900 x 5700. I come to this frame width by multiplying 13 inches x 300 pixels which amounts to 3900pixel, repeat for height dimension.

The problem is, when I export at 1x the PDF, or PNG, the file exports to over 54 inches x 79 in. If I bring it into Illustrator the document size still registers as 3900x5700 in pixels, but if I change the ruler units to inches, it shows that the document size is 54" x 79". This is 1250 DPI, not 300 as I intended.

What am I doing wrong, or misunderstanding? Is my initial frame setup wrong?

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I’m having a similar issue. We can’t be the only two people who need to output print-ready files from Figma - why is this so hard and unpredictable? And let’s not even talk about bringing Figma files into Illustrator to work on them there!

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I have to create a 6 feet X 8 Feet (72" X 96") file for print… I dont think its possible using Figma which works only with pixels… or am i missing out something :frowning: