Why did figma remove "Link to selection" option in the share panel?

There used to be a radio button that you could click and it would take someone to the selection immediately after sharing the link. I recently updated my Figma and now the option is just gone.

Hi there! We have made some changes. It is now selecting the frame by default if you have a frame selected.
To clarify, you just have to click the ‘Copy link’ button when you have a top-level frame selected, if will copy the link to that frame now.

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Hi there!

Does this work even if it’s a section? I’ve been having no luck copying a link to a specific section. Upon opening, it just goes to the first project file page, which isn’t what I want.

Hey @Austin_Wilhelm ,
You should be able to do that.

Please follow these steps here:

Hope this helps!

I came looking for a fix myself! Share> Copy Link used to land me on a frame or section just fine. Now it defaults to Main File, Cover Page. I suspected it had something to do with Branches or permissions because it works fine on files I own or started myself.

Strangely, using Ctrl+L on any selection works as expected, even files I don’t own. Perhaps its a bug. Hope that helps!

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