Why can't I smart animate individual components?

I don’t get it. I’m only animating one thing at a time. I get that if the component moves across the frame, then it would be necessary to animate between two versions of the entire frame, but if it doesn’t I should be able to use smart animate with the “open overlay” feature because I only want that one component to actually change.

I want to use smart animate to make switches and sliders that animate when you click them. But smart animate only lets you go between two different versions of the ENTIRE frame, which means not only does it load the whole frame every time you click something, which causes rendering issues,but if I want to have a page with lots of buttons, I would have to have a frame for every single combination of button states across EVERY button on the frame, which is impossible to accomplish because the number of frames I need would balloon exponentially.

Use variants combined with interactive triggers and Smart Animate to create an interactive component. This will allow you to achieve what you are seeking to do. Here is a video that goes over how to do it. I time stamped it to the toggle portion of the video. Figma tutorial: Interactive components - YouTube

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