Why can't I delete a page from the page list?

Whenever I right click pages in the page list, no menu appears with a “Delete” option. I tried alt right clicking. I have pored over every dropdown menu across the editor UI.

I use Figma in Google Chrome. Is it a browser problem?

Please clarify:

  1. When you right click the page in the list, does the context menu appear like this?

  2. If it does appear, is the “Delete page” menu item there? Is it disabled like in this example where the file only has one page?


It’s #1. No context menu appears when I right click a page.

Do you have edit access in the file (i.e. you can create and change objects on the canvas)? That’s the only reason I can think of why this menu wouldn’t appear.

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Thanks for your help. I figured out the problem. It was one of the Chrome extensions I had activated.


Turn off or Uninstall the “Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder” Chrome extension if you have it turned on/installed. Idk why but that was the solution.

Now when I right click inside the pages list, Figma’s context menu appears with the option to “delete” pages. Finally!

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For macbook users, Press “Control” and left-click on the page to open the context menu and then press “Delete” to delete that page.