Why are my variants not being inherited?

So I have one core component called _Button with some properties and size variants.

I use this component to create a the main Button component with type variants (primary, secondary, flat). The new component inherits Boolean and Text properties, but it does not inherit the size variant property. Why is that? Can this be enabled somehow?

Search for “Figma exposed properties”

Thanks. Read it, even the part about if the “Expose Nested instances” is not showing.
Because I know the option should show up in the bottom if I click the + icon.

Note: The option to expose nested instances is available only if a main component:

* already has an exposed nested instance, or
* contains nested instances with component properties applied to it

If you don’t see the **Nested instances** option, try applying a component property to a nested component first.

Both my core component and main component have variants and properties. But only properties from my core component is inherited. So what am I missing?

It should not be this hard to expose properties from nested instance.


Do you have the Core button instance in all of the Button component variants?

I remade the component and now it shows nested instances.
Unfortunately, size is one thing it can’t inherit… it does but the button does not change size when alternating between small, medium and large.

Do you know why variants can’t change height / width?

See this answer: Instances not resizing with variable swaps - #2 by Gleb

Here is an example for you: https://www.figma.com/file/EbN0Ry3mzTSsW48PsebFf9/Untitled?type=design&node-id=0%3A1&mode=design&t=zAsj4LfkSlTnK82p-1

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