While swapping files on my figma app, the file I click on is repeatedly opening in a new window

And no, I did not double-click


Hi @Yoshitha if the issue happen when you click on a new tab in the desktop application from Mac OS Sonoma, this is a bug that we are currently tracking. Our engineering team is actively investigating the issue to determine its root cause and working towards a solution.

Currently the best workaround it to not have the application set to full screen.

I too have noticed this happening since I updated to Sonoma. It seems as though it’s treating it as a drag instead of a click and assuming I want to break it out into a new window instead of rearranging windows.

This bug is slowly starting to infuriate me. I just want to switch files. :sob:
Not using full screen really messes with my workflow too.

Hope this gets fixed soon.

Hey @aaronjellis, sorry for the frustration!

As Ryan mentioned, we’re already tracking this bug and working on a fix. We’ll provide an update here as soon as we can: