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Where to Adjusting the Angle of a Gradient?

Ever since the latest update, I cannot adjust the angle of my gradients if they are saved as a color style. I click on the “edit style” button (which, in itself, is weird that I cannot edit it on the selected object, only if I un-select everything and access it from the list); I can adjust the color, but not the angle; there are no squares like before that I can move around freely.

I feel like you somewhat answered your question, but I’ll clarify. You can see gradient handles only when editing a gradient on the single selected object. When you have nothing selected, there is nowhere Figma could show gradient handles to you. Instead of deselecting the layer, you need to click the fill style on the selected object and then right click that style and choose Edit Style. Here is a video showing how it’s done:

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Gleb, thank you so much! Wow, they hid the edit option behind a right-click menu. I had no idea, now it makes sense. I don’t like it, but at least I can work with it… :slight_smile: