When selecting multiple elements in different frames for dragging, they do not behave as expected, and the elements randomly enter other frames

As the title suggests, I have attached a screen recording of the issue occurring below. This seems to be happening after the multi-select update.

Hey @chyn_N, thanks for reaching out!

Can you please clarify the behavior you’re expecting?

If you’re hoping to reparent all images under the same frame, you need to:

  1. Drag elements to the canvas
  2. Let go/release your mouse click
  3. Drag the elements back inside the frame they want to parent them to

Instead of manually selecting all the images, can you try with “Select Matching Layers” option from top toolbar? You select image in Frame 1 and click the “Select Matching Layer” or press (Option+Cmd+A) Mac. This will select other images that can be dragged easily.

You can also view this and this video for more insights.

Hi there,

Thanks for getting in touch. I have confirmed with our product team that the changes you’ve noticed were implemented during the release of the multi-edit feature. Although this is the intended behavior for now, we understand that it may not be ideal for you. Your feedback has been heard and shared for consideration in future improvements.

Thanks for your understanding.


@y_toku @dvaliao
Thank you for your response. My expected behavior is that when dragging multiple elements located within different frames, if the cursor does not move out of the frame, the elements should stay within their respective frames. When the cursor moves out of the frame or into another frame, the elements should move to the canvas or the other frame. This was the product logic before the update. I have recorded a video to demonstrate what I expect.