When on presentation mode, prevent UI from overlaying

So everytime I share the prototypes with clients they constantly tell me that they can’t click on the header navigation items because there is a menu/UI that blocks the view. I need to constantly tell them that the have to click on Options > Show Figma UI. This confuses clients and also hides the sidebar which I need them to use as well. Below is an example image of what I mean

Instead I think the top bar of the UI shouldn’t overlay with the design and should just push it down.

I feel your pain. I added an extra space at the top of my prototype so the navigation is accessible, but I also have a sticky header, and the client has to scroll to the top again to pull the top menu down. :roll_eyes:

So, the extra space is just a stop-gap measure. I hope Figma fixes this.

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I experience this frustration frequently. It’s especially challenging with clients who aren’t Figma savvy.

I know it isn’t a fancy feature, but fixing this would improve my daily experience with the application. It’s a quality-of-life upgrade I’m rooting for!

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