When not to use auto layout

Just adopting Figma and finding myself using auto layout everywhere cuz it rocks. That said, it takes a little time to stitch complex compositions together and make updates. As I was using auto layout on something that was a one off, and for myself (not collaborative), I started questioning the need of it in that scenario.

When do you think auto layout is most necessary and when do you not use it?

To make a list of molecules in organism. to organize atoms in molecules. In this case was good to adapt to different kinds of screens.

Right now the biggest limitation of Auto Layout is that there is no way to do wrapping of elements and no analogue of z-index overlays (Z-Stack in iOS). This mostly boils down to drop-down menus, tables with pop-up elements, and some complex graphs. Everything else in UI is better done in Auto Layout from start. This saves you ton of time later.

So the only case when you don’t need auto layout is when you intend to make a quick sketch that is sure to be thrown away and you also is out of time.

That’s what I was thinking. Quick throw away mock ups. Thanks

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