When I click "continue" button on the "Open this link? popup", the popup does not close



“Open this link?” When I click “continue” button on the popup, the popup does not close.

I was aware of the email exposure warning, but it seems strange that it doesn’t work.

Because of this, I can’t do my existing work. Sorry, but please check quickly.

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Hi @Sang_Woo_Lee do you see this same issue on other supported browsers? Maybe try clearing your cache to see if that helps.

@Ryan_52 Hello
I tried it in two places.

  • Desktop app (MacBook)
  • chrome

For reference, my computer is M1 Macbook Pro 2021.
Even if I cleared the cache, the same thing happened.


Oh, I don’t know why, but this issue is now resolved.

@Ryan_52 Thank you for checking with me.

Hi! I also facing the same issue today. Clicking continue on the popup will not do anything. Clearing the cache also won’t work. Only by using a different email I can bypass the popup.

Here is the attachment from the console if I click continue.

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Has anyone found a solution to this?

Hi everyone, I’ve tested this flow from my end here but was unable to reproduce this issue. Clicking continue allow you to proceed. Can you try clearing cache or try from another browser and also seeing if connecting from a mobile hotspot or another network helps?

I’m in the same situation now, How should I handle this

Getting the same issue. Same error message that dan72 posted. Getting this on both Chrome and Safari on Mac. Clearing cache didn’t help.

Same problem and error as reported by dan72 for me, across 4 different browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge on Mac) and cleared cache/cookies/history from all time. I tried a separate device that had never been to Figma or logged in before. I further attempted from my phone on cellular network and there too it’s the same thing (Continue button doesn’t work, but I didn’t check console in mobile to validate that it’s the same 403 error accessing /api/files/create_starter_team_file_role like it is in desktop browsers).

Pushing “Cancel” then navigating back to the file shows the same modal warning window as following a link from a notification email letting me know someone mentioned me.

Only one file of four that have been shared with me has this problem. Could be a coincidence, but it’s also the only one I’ve been mentioned in. Also have a free/not-verified account in an education team–I’m just viewing files.

ETA: Had the file owner re-share and now I can open the file (without needing to click Continue).

I’m facing the exact same issue. I’m on Chrome, Windows 11.
My workaround for now is to delete de modal using the dev tools. The js associated with it is broken

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Hey All, sorry to hear you’re still running into this issue!

Please reach out to the support team directly via this form for help: https://help.figma.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Be sure to use your Figma account email, so we can take a closer look into this issue.

I’m having the same issue also - I did recently change my email address but it never affected my access with this particular client before.
I’ve asked them to remove my access to the file and reinvite me. I will see if that helps.
But I’ve tried all that everyone has suggested here.

Has anyone got a response from Figma directly?

I think this issue occurs mainly when the type of account for the person sharing does not match the type of account of the viewer. As far as I understand, this is a front end bug/API connectivity bug that you can technically bypass if viewing in browsers by right clicking on the modal overlay div → Inspect → and then removing the modal div from the page.

Please note that this is simply a workaround and cannot guarantee results - use with caution. This is definitely a bug that Figma needs to fix. Additionally, you cannot use this workaround when using the desktop application.

Note to Figma team: If you cannot fix the issue, please still allow the workaround :blush: